Recent News

[9 Jan 2023] I become a Ph.D. student at NUS.

[13 Oct 2022] I give my first on-site conference presentation at ASE 2022.

[4 Oct 2022] Our paper as well as my Master’s dissertation on cryptocurrency-themed malicious browser extensions is accepted by SIGMETRICS 2023.

[17 Aug 2022] Our paper on privacy compliance is accepted by ASE 2022.

[28 Feb 2022] I become a research assistant in PLSE lab at NUS. :)


I’m a Ph.D. student in PLSE lab at National University of Singapore (School of Computing). I received my M.S degree in Information Security from NUS in 2022. I received my B.S. degree in Software Engineering from Shandong University in 2020. My research interests include Privacy, Program Analysis, Software Security, and Software Engineering.

I’m also interested in CTF and looking for teammates. You can find my team Jv5t4Fun here. OK, as yet, there is only myself T_T.


2. Characterizing Cryptocurrency-themed Malicious Browser Extensions

Kailong Wang*, Yuxi Ling*, Yanjun Zhang, Zhou Yu, Haoyun Wang, Guangdong Bai, Beng Chin Ooi, Jin Song Dong


1. Are They Toeing the Line? Diagnosing Privacy Compliance Violations among Browser Extensions

Yuxi Ling*, Kailong Wang*, Guangdong Bai, Haoyu Wang, Jin Song Dong
The 37th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE),2022.